Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Guess Who

This is embarassing.

I've started seeing this poster for the new Ashton Kutcher/Bernie Mac movie "Guess Who" all over the place recently. I'd paste the entire picture in this post, but I'm still bad at that. I'm good at making links though!

Anyway, my other embarassing admission is that I kind of like this poster. It's not a "Whoa-That's-Awesome!" poster, but there are two things about it that I think are quite well-done.

1) The tagline "Some in-laws are made to be broken". That's just a solid pun right there. I don't even think it's a groaner. It's more of a smooth, under-the-radar kinda pun. I like it.

2) The couch gag completely works. If it's a real scene in the movie I might like it less, but it's a good personal space joke that I assume typifies the Ashton Kutcher/Bernie Mac relationship in what is clearly a "I don't approve of you dating/marrying my daughter, kinda like in 'Meet the Parents'" movie. Until Bernie Mac learns to accept that his daughter is a grown woman who can make her own decisions, but probably still isn't a very major character in the movie. Sigh.

I'm still probably not going to see this movie.