Monday, May 23, 2005

Love, Hate, Star, Wars

As mentioned and mentioned and mentioned before, this weekend EL & company saw Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith at the beautiful Ziegfeld Theatre on 54th street. Though I doubt there’s a bad seat in the house, we lined up outside together anyway for about an hour or so, hoping to get the good ones (which we did).

Stefan, of course, brought his lightsaber.

Now, an hour’s a pretty long time to be standing around doing nothing. So we were forced to find creative ways to pass the time. Turns out, you can have lots of fun with your friends, a camera, and a sharpie.

Stefan “lightsaber boner” Lawrence

Stefan “heightening at the expense of his friend, Jay” Lawrence

Darth Burke

Chris “actually supposed to be named ‘Luke’ but got stuck with ‘Christopher’ instead” Principe

Marni “there’s a good definition of Sith here” Sussman

Alex “knuckles” Zalben

Jeff “Chris didn’t get that this joke was actually based on Jeff’s name until the next day” Solomon

Monica “can you guess what it says?” Hill

And, perhaps, my favorite photo of the evening...

...good luck fallin' asleep tonight, ladies.


kathy said...

For more fun involving friends, a Sharpie, and a camera... awww yeah.

Stefan said...

This may or may not be a recurring theme in my life.

brian said...

Anyone have a cover of "Stefan's Hardcore Living" lying around?