Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Aristocontest

Hey blog, sorry about this plug for another show. But I'm putting it together, and if you come out for Elephant Larry this week, stick around for the 11:00pm show, and MAYBE I can get ya in for free... Here's the deets:

For one night only, some of the best comedians in New York City will take the stage at The Peoples Improv Theater to present their version of the filthiest joke ever told: The Aristocrats. The event is co-presented with Dead-Frog.com, home of the Official Aristocrats Joke Database.

Starting with a simple set-up (a man walks into a managers office), and ending with the punchline, “The Aristocrats,” the joke has been made infamous by numerous retellings, and the recent documentary of the same name. At this special showing, Ali Farahnakhian (former writer for Saturday Night Live), Andres du Bouchet (Giant Tuesday Night), Fearsome (2005 ECNY nominees), and many more will present their own unique versions.

In addition to these guests, there will be a chance for audience members to sign up to present their own version of the joke.

Dead-Frog.com is a well respected comedy analysis blog, and the home to the official Aristocrats Database.

The Peoples Improv Theater is home to the Best Comedy Classes in New York City (New York Magazine), and NYC’s Best Improv Group (Big Black Car, 2005 ECNYs). Improv, sketch comedy, stand-up, and comedic theater shows are presented nightly.

For more information on this, and other shows at the theater, please check out thepit-nyc.com.

WHAT: The Aristocontest
WHEN: Saturday, September 17 @ 11:00pm
WHERE: The Peoples Improv Theater, 154 W. 29th St. (btwn. 6th and 7th Aves.)
TICKETS: $8, available at the door