Tuesday, September 13, 2005

T-Shirt Armageddon

Stefan and I, for two years, used to make this website called X-Ball Online, which was a sports parody site. Funny that, since Stefan and I don't really like sports.

In any case, at the apex of our X-Ball Popularity (it actually was relatively popular, getting around 20-30 thousand hits a month), we decided to make t-shirts to promote the site. As of this past weekend, four years later, we've finally gotten rid of the last of these t-shirts. Here's our t-shirt distribution timeline:

2000: Gave away 100 to convention-goers at E3. These disappeared literally 10 seconds after we opened the box.

Later on in 2000-2001: Gave away 200 to friends and family, over the course of several months.

Early Fall, 2001: Donated 700 shirts to a 9/11 shelter. Felt kind of awful about donating promotional items for an ultra-violent sports parody, but did it anyway.

2001-2005: Gave one each to various girlfriends.

Early Fall 2005: Donated 995 shirts to relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina. Again, a little weirded out that almost 2000 disaster victims are advertising a comedy website.

Fun bonus! See if you can spot the writing on X-Ball Online by a young man who later came to be known as "Geoff Haggerty!"