Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Good morning, Elephant Larry Blog! It's Stefan. I know I don't write THAT often on the Elephant Larry blog, but I figure, hey, it's Tuesday, new leaf, etc. So my Tuesday resolution is to get off my ass and write a little more. So here we go.

So here's a thing...it turns out that my girlfriend's apartment has been full of gas for the past month or so. About a week or two ago, we were hanging out in her room and she asks me "Does it smell like gas in here?" So I take a sniff around and determine that, yeah, it smells a little like gas. Not that much, but enough so that you can tell. We don't really think much about it, we just go about our business, lighting candles and having a grand old time.

Then, yesterday, her roommate Tanner decides to investigate. He's home most of the time (he's an author), and really noticed it while the windows were shut during the day. ConEd comes out to visit, and it turns out that there in fact is a gasket missing from the gas pipe in her apartment. Apparently, when the construction crews that "renovated" (longer story) her apartment before she moved in, they just didn't put in this little 5-cent gasket in the pipe that runs through her closet. So it's been steadily leaking gas into the apartment for the better part of a month.

I'm always a little hesitant to attribute everything to a single cause retrospectively, but it's definitely been true that the two of us have been really sluggish and tired for the past month. We don't spend every night in that apartment, but perhaps if you're constantly breathing gas all day, that could give you headaches and tiredness? Plus, whenever the windows are closed in the apartment, her cat hides under the bed and sleeps a lot. And on Saturday, when Biz was at home and the windows happened to be closed, she was so tired that she kept just passing out on the couch, waking up, being up for a short time, and then falling back asleep again. Could it be the gas? My guess is probably. Anybody else have experience with this sort of thing before? What kinds of steps can you take about this kind of thing? Do you sue the landlord? The construction crew?

So of course they're going to fix the gas leak, but it's a little frightening that this horrible construction crew is going around, doing work that could potentially be deadly. They didn't do an exceptionally competent job anywhere else in her apartment, so it's scary to think what else they're screwing up on a regular basis.

Ah, New York.


Monica said...

I don't want to undercut the dangers of gas leaks, but perhaps Biz was tired because y'all stayed up until 3am singing karoke and getting drunk the night before. Like CM, Karoke slowly seeps into your system until you start getting drowsy and eventually die...

Marni...can you please blog about your party/carbon monoxide incident?...still one of the funniest experiences I've had...

mjs said...

prepare yourself, this is going to be one long-assed comment.

my ex-roommate (i have upgraded) and i decided to have a no boys allowed knitting party. this made total sense at the time.
it was winter, so i spent all day baking and mulling cider. we all sat down on my most comfy of couches and were having a fabulous time...when...our carbon monoxide detector went off. the thing had been installed about a month before the party, and no one ever explained to us what you DO when it starts beeping. so we ignored it, fanned the fumes away, and continued knitting. until it went off again, and a third time. i called 311 to find out what i should do. there was a WHOLE lot of nervous giggling coming from the living room.
311 immediately connected me to the fire department, and not 1 minute later we heard sirens screaming down the street.
two huge firemen in full on gas-conquering regalia show up at my door, and i don't know what they were expecting, but it certainly wasn't six girls giggling and offering them cookies.
after several tests, and four more firemen (i think the original two wanted proof that they weren't lying) i was told that the CO level in my apartment was below normal, and the only thing for us to do was to (scientifically) hold the detector out the window and shake it.
upon leaving, one of the fire fighters turned back to the living room and asked "are you ladies having a party? some sort of KNITTING party?"

and they wouldn't eat any of my baked goods for fear of what sort of drugs might be in them.

sorry for the length of this post. i warned you.

mary said...

marni forgot to mention that the firemen were actually strippers and that we staged the whole situation for more drama. it was awesome.

Geoffrey said...

Stefan is dating Biz?

Stefan said...


Looks like somebody is good at reading comprehension.

Alex said...

Is it me?

brian said...

(Thanks Geoff, I was wondering too.)

Stefan said...

No, Alex. It's not you. Geoff. It is you. Brian, I love you. Please write home. We're worried about you here.