Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade, a totally Jock-y* web-comic, is usually pretty funny, but today's installment is great:

Thank You For Allowing Me To Purchase Crustaceans at Thirty-Thousand Feet

On a related topic, Stefan "I'm Dying of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning" Lawrence, and Elizabeth "In My Apartment" Ellis have a fun game they play with the Sky Mall Catalog. Stefan, care to elaborate?

*As per my realization this morning that people obsessing about sports could be considered "nerdy," I'm going to keep pushing the converse until it becomes readily accepted fact. See the comments section on Geoff Dorkerty's sports post below for more info.


Stefan said...

Ah, yes, the SkyMall game. Now, I love SkyMall probably a little more than the average person (just because it's such a window in Retarded America's OverConsuming Soul), so I might find this more entertaining than you will, dear blog reader. But here's how you play:

1) Start at the beginning of the catalog. On each spread, you must choose one item that you could conceivably justify buying.

2) Convincingly explain to the other people playing why you, for instance, would need a Hot Dog Cooker.

3) If you really can't find something on a spread that you would like (often happens to me in the Hammacher Schlemmer portion), you must pick two items on the following spread.

This game lasts for hours. It was especially hard to decide between a replica of Harry Potter's magic wand and Gollum bookends, but I think you all know which one i ended up going with.