Friday, September 30, 2005

Rock, Scissors, Paper, Etc.

When I was quite younger, my brothers and sister and I would make up alternate forms of Rock, Scissors, Paper when Rock, Scissors, Paper got as boring as it inevitably became.

The only one I can remember right now is Man, Wrench, Bulldozer. Man Uses Wrench, Wrench Disables Bulldozer, Bulldozer Crushes Man. This was fun for another two minutes, then we would come up with different forms. One involved lasers, I think.

Clearly my siblings and I have nothing on this:

Bigger picture and description of outcomes here.

My favorite outcomes are anything that involves the Devil:

Devil eats Snakes!
Devil inspires Gun!
Dragon commands Devil! (You sure?)
Moon terrifies Devil! (No way.)

PS Why does anyone call this Rock, Paper, Scissors? Rock, Scissors, Paper makes way more sense.


baz said...

it must be a catholic thing.

my sisters and i did this, too. only our versions had no discernable pecking order and no preset components. you just kind of threw your hand out there, and said what it was. usually this meant whoever described theirs second won.

a. costello said...

Linda McCartney: Breast Cancer: Animal Testing

Anonymous said...

That Linda McCartney post is evil. And hysterical.