Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tickle U

1) The show is called "Tickle U."

2) The advertising slogan is, "Silly is Now in Session!"

3) It concerns a pre-schooler and his magical dinosaur toy friends.

4) I just watched an episode, and its seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen. After losing his kitty cat, the boy and his dinosaur friends travel over an orange soda river. They fall in, but not only is it delicious, but they find safety on an ice cube. Naturally, the end up going over a waterfall, but safely fall on a plush pillow mountain, then trap the kitty cat using candy canes. Then the kitty licks everybody for a few minutes, and they all laugh.

I had to watch 30 minutes of solid porn* just to feel normal again.

*Just to cut the joke off at the pass, yes, I've seen liquid porn. Two glasses of water just going at it. HOT.

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