Friday, October 14, 2005

Time To Get Lost!

What a horrible post title.

I decided to try out the iTunes video store yesterday... As I was going to download Wednesday's Lost anyway, why not do it legally and try out a new service, right? So here you go:

- It took 7 minutes to download a 45 minute episode. [A+]

- The quality is fine, less than the quality of bittorrented files, but watchable. [B]

- Its full-screen, and bittorrented files are widescreen HD. [C-]

- The file size is relatively tiny. [B+]

- The current organization of iTunes with video is fine if you have only a couple of videos, and is very slick. If you get more videos, however... May be a problem actually finding anything. Its nowhere near as easy to organize as music is. [C]

- Upon further retrospect, they need to very quickly get backlogged shows on there, specifically something like The Simpsons. These are the videos that people will download on a whim, and show clips of to their friends... Not Lost or Desperate Housewives. That happens, and you have a ridiculously great service. [Rating Pending]
In conclusion, for me, the important parts of the service are quickness of download, and quality of image, and for that, I would continue to use the iTunes store for TV shows. If they had even more shows? It may become an addiction.


Ted said...

I explored the new iTunes last night as well and plan to download the season 2 episodes of Lost as soon as we get done watching season 1. I agree with you about the backlogged shows. I actually had the thought, "iTunes might just change the way tv works".

And then I used some Ajax orange powered kitchen cleaner and thought, "Huh? Well what do you know, the POWER OF ORANGE works hard to knock out my toughest grease stains!"

And then I killed a hobo. No one even noticed. So, I'm off to kill lots of them. Yay!

Alex said...

You should download the hobo killer widget for OSX, Ted. It cuts down your hobo killing time by 50%.

Ha! Cuts down!

Also, check out these Halloween Costumes for your iPod. What?

brian said...

So when are we going to get to pay for currently free EL content?

Chris S. said...

You mean not everyone is paying $19.99 a month for access to this site?!

Chris, may I have a word with you, please?

Anonymous said...

I noticed Chris S. put a question mark and an exclamtion point at the end of a sentence. There should be a name for that or a way of putting them together. Or something?