Monday, October 24, 2005

Non-Spooky Animals

In honor of Halloween, I was just trying to think of what the least spooky animal in the world is. Right now, I have it narrowed down to:

- Rhino: Too large to be effectively spooky, but definitely dangerous.

- Hamster: Impossibly non-spooky, unless, I guess, you woke up with one in your mouth.

- Clam: Nothing spooky about 'em, although I am scared that one will bite my lip off.
I'm leaning towards clam, though. I think something needs to be animate to be spooky.

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Anonymous said...

I vote manatee. Nothing says playful and harmless like a bulbous sea cow.

baz said...

i call shenanigans on your hamster qualifier. waking up with anything in your mouth is automatically spooky. the situation is irrelevant to the spookiness (or complete lack thereof) of the animal in question.

manatees are pretty harmless, unless you're hall or oates. {there's a brilliant cartoon by jordi that makes sense of this quote...somewhere...i miss it}. land-cows are pretty stupid, though.

what about seahorses? they're pretty dumb. and land-turtles.

my vote for least spooky animal..the penguin. waddling, huh? real scary.

Alex said...

Penguins? Oh come now. They are EASILY spooky.

Turtles can be very spooky. Try having one as a pet... I'd often be suddenly awoken by the sound of snapping when he'd try to break through the wall of his tank and kill me. That turtle hated my guts.

Sea-horses I could maybe be swayed about.

Anonymous said...

A bunny! A bunny! A bunny!

Alex said...

Its nice that you remembered something that was posted in December, but again, as a previous owner of bunnies, I will 100% disgaree. Try going into a pitch dark kitchen after midnight to grab a glass of water, only to be startled by something soft and furry rubbing up against your leg.

Not to mention this and this.

baz said...

feathers mcgraw was a chicken.

did you have any pets that weren't out to get you?