Monday, October 17, 2005

Psychologist = Party Pooper!

Saw a commercial for the movie Prime, from which I deduced that the plot went a little something like this:

-Uma Thurman has found love and can't stop gushing about him to her therapist, Meryl Streep
-Meryl Streep finds out Uma Thurman's love is her son (not Uma Thurman's own son, Meryl Streep's son)

These hijinks include Meryl Streep stalking the happy couple and squirming when Uma describes their sexual relationship.

Presumably a later scene in the movie involves an American Psychological Association ethics committee lambasting Meryl Streep's character for continuing therapy despite the clear dual relationship in place (therapist:client::girlfriend:mother) and stripping her of her licence.

That would be wacky!


Alex said...

Hey! Seth Herzog is in that movie!

Also, it looks awful.