Monday, February 27, 2006

An Additional Hypothetical

What would you rather watch: "Date Movie" or three episodes of "Drawn Together" without commercial interruption? Or with commercial interruption, I'll let you pick.

I think I'd go with "Date Movie."


baz said...

i'll take drawn together with commercials. commercials are at least occasionally funny.

Alex said...

Is one of the choices, "Date Movie," followed by every episode of "Drawn Together," while simultaneously enjoying "Family Guy" podcasts on my video ipod?

Then the answer is yes, with the caveat that I'd probably die. OF LAUGHTER!

Chris S. said...

Hands down, "Date Movie," just for watching the delightfully sexy-hot-nerd Alyson Hannigan doing anything for about 90 minutes.

I find it strange that I find Howard Stern hilarious, but have been repeatedly offended and rarely amused by "Drawn Together." I even like Adam Corolla! Oh, well.

Biz and/or Jordi said...

What defines "date movie?" Shaun of the dead is a great date movie...actually all horror movies are good date movies.

So I will take Date movie...if horror.

If not horror, but actually the new romantic comedy Failure To Launch, starring the horse faced Sarah Jessica Parker, then I would choose to shoot myself in the face, as both romantic comedies and Drawn Together make me want to puke.

Alex said...

Date Movie is defined as: The movie that is out right now called 'Date Movie.' Does that help?