Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Death March

Ya know how I don't like February? Well I don't like March either. And I think I've pinpointed why.

Since February is typically exactly four weeks long, March goes through the exact same motions as February just did. February began on a Wednesday; March begins on a Wednesday. February 4th was the first Saturday of the month, so is March 4th. And so on. March is basically trying to BE February. Which is sad in and of itself, but emulating the worst month imaginable? That's just pathetic.

And no, leap years don't help. Even though February 29th puts March a step behind February day-wise, it just makes it seem more like a loser trying to catch up with its hero, but not quite making it. Lame.

Also, March is freaking cold and it's supposed to be spring. That sucks too.