Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stefan's Big Day Out

Yesterday, Stefan had a Big Day Out, which mostly involved walking all around New York for hours and hours and ended in a climactic viewing of "The Devil Wears Prada" which was actually very good, Adrian Grenier notwithstanding. Man, that guy sure loves his Jarlsberg in the movie. But anyway, at some point I stopped in at the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church because, even though I'm not religious, I do kinda like churches. They're quiet, and cool, and pretty places to be.

But when I got inside there was a group of four 40ish douchebags who were all gabbing away in there, two of them on cellphones, all of them just talking away as if they were in a Starbucks or something. And when they decided that they needed to keep moving because they had "plenty of chatting left to do" they literally had the following exhange:

"Chatting, about what?"
"Well, if we can get the numbers to work!"
"There's gotta be a budget for it somewhere!"
"Yeah, somewhere!"

I didn't get it. It was really weird.

Oh, well, time to get myself down the shooting range.