Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Stefan & Alex's LA Blog-Venture

Hey Elephant Larry blog readers, guess what Stefan and I are doing? Rocking on your dime!

...Well, not exactly, but we're currently out in LA, about to go on a two day Ford Escape sponsored adventure in LA, staying at the chic-chic Hotel Roosevelt, and shmoozing with the stars. And its all because of our comedy blog, which is clearly the best place to promote Ford cars.

You guys buy a lot of cars, right?

In any case, right now, I'm sitting in a pool-side room while a New Line Cinema party is rocking it outside. I have a little deck outside of the room, and I THINK i can just reach the tray of cookies they've set up from there, so I'm going to try to steal some cookies/a glimpse of John Travolta*.

Stay tuned throughout the week, as Stefan and I explain how we sold out without a second thought.

*I'm assuming a) this is a Hairspray party based on the ridiculous amount of Hairspray songs they're playing at a pool party, and b) John Travolta is standing next to the cookies.


christopher said...

Personally, I've always been a fan of the Ford Freestyle, just on the name alone.

I'm kind of not kidding.

Anonymous said...

that sounds awesome, Alex and Stefan....way to be on your computer!

Anonymous said...

Say, you're right, an Escape *is* the perfect thing for your audience of environmentally conscious moneyless urban dwellers would have to parallel park anything they owned!

(Remember, the people who thought this was a good idea are the people who majored in Communications in college, and now have an effectively unlimited budget and no understanding of statistics, so continue to reel in that fish.)

Alex said...

Did I explain that we're driving hybrids?

Murchie said...

Ok, strike approximately 2/3 of the environmental argument in that case.

I'm sure they sell a great deal of them in NYC, actually - oddly, painted yellow, which is not a big draw other places.