Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Califstory #2

This is maybe my favorite Califstory.

In the middle of last week, we had a meeting on the Disney lot (oooh!). We were walking across the lot on the way back to our car when we passed a janitor, a big fellow in his 50s, wheeling a cart over to a dumpster that sat next to one of the soundstages. He looked grumpy and bored. We observed as the janitor started taking large ceramic Disney figurines out of his cart and placing them in the dumpster. They were Mickey, Goofy and Donald, all just dressed up in Star Wars costumes. Then the janitor took a huge hammer out of the cart and, with absolutely no change in his bored facial expression, started smashing Mickey, Goofy and Donald to pieces.

I think I can speak for the group when I say it was the funniest thing that any of us had ever seen. At least that day. But it was really fricking funny.

We surmised that the Star Wars Disney figures were probably unique models built for some special presentation or film shoot, and that it's part of this poor dude's job to destroy unique items before someone steals/ebays them. I just couldn't get over how bored he looked while he was wailing away at Donald Duck. I like it when people completely lose sight of how insane their jobs are.


Anonymous said...

Were they dressed as characters from Episodes I or II? Cuz that would account for the boredom.