Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Extended Credits

Another dream with end credits last night. Since yesterday's post, I've asked around a bit, and no one I've spoken to has had this happen to them before.

Again, I can't remember the dream much. I know this one was pretty gruesome and quite realistic, which is pretty normal for me. But then there were the credits. And this time, they were Looney Tunes end credits. So the big red circle came up, Porky Pig said, "That's All, Folks!" and the music played.

It was already kinda off-putting to have that follow a nightmare. But then, after those credits rolled, a "Merrie Melodies" screen came up and I saw the next cartoon begin, as if my last dream (which was not at all a cartoon) was just part of some series. What followed was technically a cartoon, but the opening credits claimed it was from 1886 (dubious), and it was just an animated loop of a fat rabbit in a top hat riding a pushcart. I was still scared from the last dream and that rabbit loop didn't help at all.

Has anyone ever had recurring credits?