Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Help Me With My Trash

The currently top featured video on YouTube is this:

If you read the description (and I guess, watch the video or something), it doesn't seem that bad; it's actually about recycling and being kind to people and whatever.

But when you just look at the picture, and the title, it really seems like some guy decided to ask his loyal viewers what he should put in the garbage today. And most likely, the video would him being like: "Hey, guys, thanks so much for your comments and views, I really appreciate it. So listen, I have this milk carton I finished today, and I was wondering if I should throw it out in the garbage? Also, this banana peel, this tin can, and this old shoe*."

And then he got featured on the front page of YouTube for it.

Which is actually not a ridiculous series of events, except that it is. You know what I mean?

The internet sucks.

*In this scenario, he only has garbage that would be regularly eaten by a goat.