Friday, October 19, 2007


Oh man!

Chris and I just went to the Dean and Deluca in the Borders in the Time Warner Center to get our daily late afternoon coffee when to what do our wondering eyes would appear was M.I.A.! Her of Arular fame and having a new album out or whatever!

I made these funny jokes:

Chris: I think I heard that she's just getting here now [at 3:40 for a 3:00 appearance]*
Geoff: Oh no! M.I.A. was M.I.A.!

Geoff: It would be funny if the Borders people switched the "g" and the "n" and tried to convince M.I.A. she was there for an "album singing." "Them: Oh! Sorry M.I.A.! You agreed to an album singing! You have to sing your album now!"

* he only said something like this.

PS I promise I'll stop tagging myself.