Monday, October 15, 2007

We're One of PC Mag's Top 100 Blogs

A PC Magazine Favorite BlogI'm pretty sure this was exclusively based on my last two hilarious posts, but we've been named one of PC Mag's "Top 100 Favorite Blogs" for 2007:

Funny sketch comedy groups don't always make for funny sketch comedy group blogs. Take the number of bad big-screen adaptations of successful Saturday Night Live sketches, multiply that by 500, and you're about halfway to the number of unfunny comedy blogs by otherwise hilarious people. Rather surprisingly, the one by New York sketch comedy group Elephant Larry is a funny blog written by funny people in a funny sketch comedy group. The site tackles pop culture and the day-to-day lives of the group's members, and features regular postings of Elephant Larry's own consistently hilarious Web video antics.

Check out ther rest of the list here, and congrats to our friend Jesse for being one of "Five Podcasts Worth Downloading."


Anonymousse said...

Congrats*, guys!

I'm naming PC Mag one of my Top 100 Magazines That Mistake Lists For Content.

(* - And by "congrats", I of course mean "conga line dancing rats")

Ted said...

Well you guys are definitely better than my blog which I do not have.

Congrats! Pretty neat.

That's one more red mylar star sticker in your row on my "Race-to-see-who-will-be-famous-first: Elephant-Larry-or-Troop!" board.

Jordi Nothing Jokey to Say said...

Well done! I'm not surprised - EL's Group Blog has been a part of my complete daily routine for a few years.

I sincerely love this blog,
and I love you.