Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Dark Knight

Holy crap, I just realized how Heath Ledger is playing the Joker in "The Dark Knight:" He's Sylvester!

Well, it's cleverly hidden; the lisp is nowhere near as pronounced. But listen to his last line in the trailer, and tell me the rhythm isn't exactly how Sylvester would deliver it:

Also, several of his other lines. Congrats, I just ruined this movie for you!


marybee said...

i just cried a little bit - i'm so excited...

Jordi (I am so sorry, Batfans) said...

I'm going to ruin it once and for all - Heath Ledger looks as scary as Michael Hutchence in the early days of INXS.

And now here's where my husband asks me for a divorce.

Stefan said...

Wrong, you're all wrong. Heath Ledger looks and sounds amazing.

I personally can't wait for all the BrokeBat Mountain mashups that are coming.

Alex said...

Oh, is that a challenge, Stefan?

Teddles said...

Somehow I agree with all of you. (Except for the divorcing Jordi part)

And yet, mostly with Stefan.

But Alex, I think this is one of your most astute observations ever. Really funny.

You should start a comedy troupe.