Friday, February 29, 2008

Lost Discussion: The Constant

Spoilers, natch.

First off, the big news is that Lost is, officially, a Sci-Fi show. With the introduction of radiation based time travel last night, I would say that means everything in the show will, by necessity, have to have a pseudo-scientific explanation. That's pretty big news, especially for those of us who wondered whether, A) Everything would eventually be explained, and B) A giant foot meant that they were on some sort of mythical place.

I think, pretty definitively, the answer to the first will have to be "yes," and the second is "no." So rock on.

Speaking of rocks, how about that Black Rock auction scene? Beyond Mr. Widmore, I feel like I recognized at least one other guy there, though I don't remember from what. And what was up with him being so helpful? Didn't he want Desmond away from Penny.

And finally, speaking of Penny... The last scene, on the phone, with the quick cutting: completely got to me. I felt manipulated and angry, but goddamn if that wasn't a fabulously put together scene. I would actually hold that up to Lost haters, and shove it in their faces: no other show has played around so much with the structure and format of an hour long drama as Lost has done, both in the long run, and in individual scenes.


- My gut tells me that Penny & Desmond are never going to get together, that Desmond will die heroically saving her or something. However, Lost history has shown that fated couples end up together in the end (Rose and Bernard). Lost ain't an a-hole about love the way Whedon is.

- The Hanso foundation is funded by auctioning off items from shipwrecks and whatnot on the island, hence Alvardo (sp?) Hanso's "discovery" of the Black Rock journal.

- The Black Rock Journal is definitely going to published in the real world, right?

- Here's a great one I heard: The piratey Others are from the Black Rock, and are still alive because of the time weirdness.

- Another great one: "The Sickness" that Rosseau warned everybody about in the first season is becoming unstuck in time. Which leads to the question, regardless... Why isn't anyone from 815 sick?


Jordi said...

Fantastic episode.

And seeing so many close-ups of Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), it further cemented that he's my #1 pick to play Robert Plant if they ever make a big screen Led Zeppelin bio.

Also - today is February 29th; the day we get an extra 24 hours...24 extra TIME TRAVEL hours!

K said...

Yes an awesome episode. All the cuts between time with Desmond were awesome. Also, is this a lame prediction (?): Claire is dead in the future and Jack feels responsible, hence the awkwardness with Kate at the end of the previous episode?

Alex said...

Here's my theory:

Jack doesn't want to go to Kate's house because Aaron is, in the future, a total douchebag.

Cory Nealy said...

I had a dream last night I time travelled into the future to learn a kick ass short ribs recipe.

Anyways, so i wasn't alone in thinking I recognized several faces during the auction...right? I just couldn't place any names or where else in the show I've seen those faces, except for old mr. widmore.


(Note: I do not believe any of what I just wrote, unless it becomes true...then I said it first.)

Jerf said...

I like that the twist at the end is that Daniel loves Desmond. :)

nowpicnic said...

Yup, good episode, great Black Rock auction, excellent Desmond/Penny phone call at the end!

I *do* hope that not every thing that ever happened is pseudo-scientifically "explained." A lot of the more supernatural stuff could be left as it is, and I would be happier (for example: visions of Walt, Echo's brother, etc, even Jacob in the shack, the recent ghostbuster dude).

I'd definitely prefer no explanation to a gag-inducing midi-chlorian/"spacetime" manipulation at the end of AI (spoiler!) explanation. You know: a little more mystery, and a little less EQUATIONS MAKE IT TRUE.

-- kathy

K said...

Aaron is a total douchebaguette.

Geoffrey said...

Finally watched it. Might have been my favorite episode of Lost ever.