Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday Morning Poll: Lenny Kravitz

I just added a new feature to the blog! I'm so awesome! To your right (somewhere), you'll see a poll, which will change with incredibly burning questions every week. Be sure to register your vote, so we can get the answer to these probes, and respond accordingly.

This week, we're discussing how awesome (or not) Lenny Kravitz is. The other week, I posited that there's no-one who dislikes Lenny Kravitz. Ele-friend Mary argued that she didn't like Lenny Kravitz. I said she was the exception that proves the rule. Then she revealed that she liked older Lenny Kravitz songs, which shows what a GIGANTIC LIAR MARY IS.

What do you guys think: Lenny Kravitz, awesome, or totally awesome?


mary said...

shut up, alex.

Alex said...

Don't be a baby about this, Mary.

Just shut up because I hate you.

Anonymous said...

i can't think of a single person that i don't hate that likes "Le Krev", as i call him

Alex said...

Sure, you can hate him, if you also HATE LOVE AND THE POWER OF THE HUMAN HEART.

Just saying.