Friday, February 22, 2008

Lost Discussion: Eggtown

Spoilers on, in case that isn't clear.

During last night's episode, I felt like a TOTAL IDIOT, as the reveal at the end was painfully obvious, yet at no time did I catch on. Last week, with Sayid, I knew the entire time Ben was his boss, which is great for me, except this week, Aaron being Kate's "son" was ridiculously foreshadowed throughout the episode.

In fact, I'd go as far to say that in the last season finale, when Kate was all like "He doesn't like it if I stay out too long," and we were all like, "Oooo... Is she married to Sawyer? Or BEN?" and at no time realized she was talking about a child? Which should have been glaringly easy to realize.

I will say that the entire episode, I was trying to figure out the timeline... Kate has a son that can be a witness at trial, but it's only been about three years or less since the island, so when did she have a son?

Well, of course she didn't. Claire did. I'm stupid.

That all out of the way, yet another great episode in this season, and love the moment with Ben and Miles: "I know who you are and what you're capable of. Don't treat me like one of them!" Also, Hurley's, "I totally got scoobie-dooed, didn't I?"

Thankfully, the flash-forwards are done for a little while, and I just read confirmation that we'll get caught up by the end of the season, which I'm pretty happy about. Anyway, what did you guys think?


K said...

You don't like the flash-forwards? I missed the episode and then someone ruined it for me, so no comment. BUT I have been liking the flash forwards, in particular those with Jack. They're doing good things with his character.

Alex said...

I like them just fine... They're obviously very cool, plot-wise, and teasey, and have a lot of potential.

However, the thing that first got me excited about Lost was the flash-backs, which, to me, had, and still have unlimited potential. People have whole lives before they crash on the island, and though most of the time the writers have focused on their major back-story moments, there's so much more that can be done with them. I'd like to see them get back to more character moments, less plot moments.

The end!

K said...

I hear you and agree re: the importance of character "moments." The thing about Lost that could potentially get it in trouble is putting too much focus on "freaky plot" twists/elements in the same way that Heroes continued to add character after character. Deepening the connections/storylines they've already set up will serve them better. Uh...yeah. Dissertation done.