Friday, March 14, 2008

Lost Discussion: Ji Yeon

Spoilers, as usual...

This episode, on a whole, emphasized my problems with the flash-forwards more than anything else. Or I should clarify, the flash-backs emphasized my problems with the flash-forwards.

Why, what do I mean by that?

Well, blog reader, what I mean by that is, as I've previously stated, the flash-forwards are based way more in plot than character, usually, and therefore not Lost's strong suit. Lost is good at character development in the Flashwhatevers, and plot development in the current time period.

In this episode, the entire Jin story-line (the Flash-back) was completely useless, as it was all just a red herring. We learned nothing about Jin from this story-line, and it did nothing to show us more about his relationship to Sun, or his current situation. If we had seen him being cruel to Sun while getting a fluffy panda, that would have shown how far he's grown. Also, that would have destroyed the shocking plot twist, which would have been fine, because it was 0% shocking.

This is also a sticking point for me... This is the second episode in a row where they've played with the Flash-Foward device, almost as if they're sick of it themselves, or realize it's only a temporary necessity... And both times, it has been completely distracting to me:

- Last week's Juliet flash-back, where she's talking about being a celebrity was not even remotely tricky to figure out, as there would be no reason to expect she'd be one of the Oceanic 6.

- This week, there were multiple telegraph points for the "twist," including Sun's first scene, where she's all alone, and dressed in black. Sigh.

Anyway, that's enough complaining, what was good?

- Despite my complete non-onboardosity with the flashbackforwards, the ending with Sun at Jin's grave was completely affecting, and I got all choked up. And yes, I do think he's actually, really dead. More on that in a second.

- I'm sort of glad they didn't save the Michael reveal for the end of the episode, as I don't think there's a single viewer who didn't know he was coming back. Also, I had completely forgotten that nobody will be happy to see him. They're going to rip his f-ing face off. For those of you who don't remember, when we last left Michael, he had murdered two innocent people, let Kate, Jack, Sawyer, and Hurley get captured, and put everyone on the island in mortal danger. What a douche.

- Is this the first episode that ended in a Flash(whatever)? I thought that was kind of neat.

- The captain's transparency about everything... And yes, I do think he's telling the truth. Leaving stuff out? Sure. But everything he says is, most likely, correct.


- Jin's grave is marked with the date of the plane crash, which means something happened to him on the island. He is not one of the "Oceanic 8," meaning the number Jack gave (6 survivors, 2 dead bodies).

- Why have Zoe Bell in this episode, and Fisher Stevens in the last, only to have them die in their first episodes? What's the deal with that? There has to be something more going on, right?

- They pretty definitively said that by Episode 7, we'll know exactly who the Oceanic 6 are. Was this a fake-out so we wouldn't guess the Jin-death?


Cory Nealy said...

Yeah, at first I thought "no way he's dead, look at that date!" then I thought "well yeah, he's dead...I mean he died sometime on the island and they had to lie about that date because of the whole cover story" but then I thought "well, in theory everyone not one of the oceanic 6 must be considered dead then too and I find it hard to believe that at least some of the non oceanic six aren't still on the island in some maybe he's alive but in order to keep Sun and baby safe he's got to seem dead?" then I thought...yeah, but why so much crying at the grave if he isn't dead?" then I thought "maybe she just misses him?" then I thought "I need to go to bed" and then I did...then I had a dream I watched a fight between a cat, a mouse, a bat, a snake, a scorpion and a clam.

Alex said...

Ohmigod, who won? The clam, right?

Cory Nealy said...

Well Duh! Although in the dream the clam had a very pacman-esque fighting style. And I mean pacman the video game character and not pacman jones the football player/rainmaker.

Something else I just thought of...what if all of the Oceanic Six really do think they were the only survivors of the crash? Like some sort of Room 23 mass brainwashing took place and now Sun really does believe Jin died in the crash, Hurley really believes he never did meet Ana Lucia, etc. and now that is what is driving everyone crazy?

No...that's stupid, since in the future Locke is referenced and Hurley clearly knows Charlie.

Man, that clam could fight.

Jordi said...

Cory, could your clam win against the porcelain soup toureen that was also a functioning playful dog in my dream?

1. I bawled so hard I nearly broke a rib at the end of this episode.

2. Jin's 'crazy panda taxi mix up' was very American Express ad 1983.

3. If they don't bring back Zoe Bell for some cool stunts, then 'Lost' and I are through.

4. If they don't being back Fisher Stevens with Johnny Five in tow, then 'Lost' and I are through.

5. If DeBarge is not the musical guest on 'Lost' pretty soon, then I'm quitting it all.

K said...

Oh man, and here I was thinking I'm awesome for totally calling Michael as Ben's ship spy, meanwhile everyone else had the same idea. What a coup d'not.

Jacob said...

o6=jack, kate, aaron, hurley, sayid, sun. any arguments to the contrary are giving lindelof/cuse WAAAAY too much credit.

Geoffrey said...

Not convinced Aaron is the same Aaron.

Alex, you are a heartless monster saying that Jin's flashback subplot was useless. You don't think that's representative of exactly what he would do if he were alive, if not more? It's emotional patchwork.

Also I'm not convinced he's dead at all. But still, moving.

Jacob said...

"Not convinced Aaron is the same Aaron."


Jacob said...

to be a little more specific:

the promos for "ji yeon" said that in that episode, we would "discover the LAST of the oceanic 6." how else does that math work if aaron isn't O6?

Jordi said...

Did no one notice Jin's stuffed panda during the pilot? We were supposed to be focusing on the giant jet engines whirring on the beach on fire with Shannon screaming her head off in her short skirt...but the panda was there. And he's the 6th.

Sorry. I hate myself too.

K said...

WAIT I also questioned whether that is really Aaron (think about the timeline: a not pregnant at the time of capture Kate somehow convinces everyone that she had a kid on the island? in how much time? I get that it's almost definitely him, but still) and Jin is totally alive. Come on. He's alive.

K said...

Also the friday Lost COMMENTSTORM rules.