Thursday, March 13, 2008

Top Chef Discussion: Episode #1

Okay, sorry about the late day post on this (not that you were expecting it, but still... YOU WILL BE), but let's discuss the best non-Fiction show on the telly, Top Chef. A few points before we begin:

1) I have grown entirely sick and tired of reality programming, with the writer's strike drought. However, Top Chef is good enough to overcome that anguish.

2) I realized this week that with the lack of fiction programming, I go to the TV, flip through the channels, see nothing on, and then say, "Well... I guess I can do some work." I have been way too productive these past few months. Please bring regular TV back.

That out of the way, let's talk Top Chef:

- This is the early stage when there's WAY too many characters to follow. It's necessary, but I find I'm making snap judgments on people based on their hairstyles. When we're down to half as many contestants, I'll be way more into this.

- That being said, I both love and hate Andrew. Early news put him as the odds on favorite to win, and he seems to know that. However, his cockiness is mixed with totally hilarious profanity, so bully for him. He's definitely this seasons Hung.

- Speaking of which, anyone remember Hung's ridiculous cereal diorama? That was spectacular.

- The announcement that two of the contestants were lesbians in a couple was kind of silly and unnecessary. Nobody thinks they have an advantage from that, right? It's a sucky situation, where only one of 'em can win. Also, let's be honest: they weren't asking people to judge the couple thing, it was the lesbian thing. Were they expecting people to call them rug eaters on national television? Please. That's the sort of talk that's only appropriate on comedy blogs.

- The Quickfire challenge, while totally fine, was way too long. 90 minutes? That's a SLOWfire challenge, who's with me? Last season's "reconstitute your chewed up hors d'oeuvres into an amuse bouche" was a little more on target. Not to sound like a broken record or anything about last season being awesome. That being said, I understand the need to make deep dish pizza, so there is that.

- For those of you stats fans out there, you'll remember that in the previous three seasons, the winner has come from the winners circle in the first challenge. Meaning, not necessarily the winner of the first challenge, but one brought before the Judge's Table for having the best dish. Wonder if we've got our winner already then?

- End of the day, the right person was eliminated... She didn't really seem like she could cook, and also, a gust of wind would have blown her away. It is the Windy City, after all...

That's it from me, though I'm sure I'll think of more later. What did you guys think? Good? Bad? The "Tops"?

Update: Oh yeah, here's the last thing I was going to say... If you are going on Top Chef as a contestant? PRACTICE MAKING DESSERTS. Every single f-ing season, dessert is like their kryptonite. And I understand chefs don't normally work on dessert, but the second you get cast on the show, put in some hard time working on your sweet thangs, or you're going to end up on the chopping block.


Baz said...

i thought you resigned.

Alex said...

I can not address questions on that subject at this time.