Friday, March 21, 2008

Lost Discussion: Meet Kevin Johnson

There's another name I have for "Lost," that I usually say in my head, or out loud to anyone who will hear me: "Sucker Island."

Seriously, has there ever been a bigger collection of suckers in one place at one time? I don't think it's humanly possible, actually, because the Losties are the easiest people to con, ever.

And of all the Losties, Locke is the biggest sucker, of course. However, Michael has always been very close, and it's nice to have a reminder of that after last night's episode. More than any of the other characters, Michael's back-story has defined the term "lost." He's frequently not known what to do in his life, been dragged from one place to another, with his only anchor being his son Walt (who he frequently loses).

Last night's episode was no different, and I appreciated that we got an episode long flashback. There's a large part of me, however, that wonders how much of the structure of Michael's story is utility, and how much is on purpose. And what I mean by that is, Walt is much, much older now. In real life, I mean.

For example: How cool would it have been to pick up right after Michael's boat leaves the island? A shot of him, happy with his son, sailing away, cutting to him getting ready to kill himself? But you can't do that, because you can't show Walt. Remember, he's tall, like a giant. And then there's only the small flash of Walt in the window the entire episode... Again, how much of the "You can't see Walt" plotline was dictated by the fact that really, you can't see Walt, because it would be confusing to the timeline of the show.

That out the way, I honestly think this episode kicked ass, and made a whole ton of sense with the story threads of the show. It's great to see Sawyer and Hurley's small reactions to Michael being back, based on their relationships with Ana Lucia and Libby, respectively. It's also great to see Tom back, and a little bit of confirmation that Tom is a big gay pirate.

I don't quite love "The island won't let you." In practice, sure, but really, there's something that stretches my credulity (even with Lost), that an island is reaching out to Manhattan and jamming up a gun. I dunknow, maybe that's just me.

And to get back to my original point... Really, why is everyone willing to trust everyone else at the drop of a hat? I understand Michael wants to die, but The Others have consistently lied and tortured everyone on Sucker Island, yet they hand him a couple of documents, and he completely believes Tom?

And on the other side... Sayid? I again vaguely understand his motivation for trusting the captain; he seems to be the most straight-forward person of the show so far, but I'm sure even he's lying. EVERYONE IS LYING ALL THE TIME. Sigh.

So, theories:

- Did Widmore sink the plane, or Ben? I tend to think that Ben did. Widmore is probably not on the level, but come on... Ben is suddenly a good guy? I don't care how many times he says he's a good guy, everything we've learned in the series says that he is NOT a good guy, he's the most awful guy.

- Rousseau... Dead? Probably not, she's sort of a constant for the series (no pun intended), so I feel like she'll crawl back to life. And if there's one thing we've learned about Sucker Island, it's that almost everyone can recover from a fatal gunshot wound, unless they got a DUI in real life.

- And who was shooting at Alex, Carl, and Rousseau? It can't be the freighties, right? Because they're not on the island yet? So it's The Others... And I think it's pretty clear they were only aiming for Carl and Rousseau, not Ben's "daughter." Meaning Ben is all she's got left. Weird how that works out, right?

Well, that's the last Lost discussion until April 24th, sadly... Until then, I guess we'll just have to console ourselves with Eli Stone discussion? Maybe?


K said...

I also thought it was a great episode, and I had the same thought about Walt. He's an actual giant now. The captain is definitely lying if you consider how much has now been "revealed," especially given the way Lost withholds info in general. I think Sayid could have been more forgiving of Michael (I get why Hurley can't).

Eli Stone is awful. Awful.

Tim said...

I think it was the Freighters that shot the French Lady and Karl. Remember the "errand" that Frank the helicopter pilot went on? Also, that episode sucked, and Michael is a whiny idiot. The only really interesting thing that happened was Libby showing up telling him not to press the button. Doesn't this go directly against what Ben told him to do?

Alex said...

Holy crap guys, I just had a crazy f-ing idea:

What if Ben is in charge of the Freighties?

What if they're all following his orders, though they may not, themselves, know that?

What if the whole situation is set up by Ben to:

- Eliminate his competition.

- Make the Losties think he's the good guy, so they will all follow him.

- Turn everyone against Widmore, who is actually the ACTUAL good guy, and Ben sees as a massive threat (for some undisclosed reason).

Crazy? Or just so crazy it might work?

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that thinks Ben is going to turn out to be a good guy?

nowpicnic said...

Hey guys -- I thought this episode was kind of "eh." I don't think we really learned anything. Once we knew Michael was on the boat, it was pretty clear that Ben had guilt-tripped him into it, and it's no surprise that Ben wants his daughter's boyfriend dead. I was expecting a little more.

That said, Alex's theory that Ben is in charge of the boat does make LOST-sense, since EVERYONE IS ALWAY S LYING. The captain says he's working for Widmore? Then he must be working for not-Widmore, who may be Ben?

Ted said...

I don't know if any of you have read this yet, but you should. It's pretty awesome.