Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Morning Poll: Would You Rather...

First, to follow up on last week's poll, it was a tight race, but more people believe that the new saying should be:

"A Minute is Longer Than a Dollar is Much"

Than the other two choices combined. So start using that in your daily life, okay?

This week's poll is Lost themed, because clearly based on our weekly Lost discussions, that's the only thing you guys care about. The question is, would you rather have sex with Rose or Jin? I threw in Vincent and All of The Above on the poll to make this whole thing a little spicier, but think about it before you answer... You may be surprised as to what your heart really wants.


Geoffrey said...

5 votes for Jin so far. I wanna see a Jin sweep, people!

Yes, I voted.

Geoffrey said...

Boo, someone.


Jordi said...

There's no Flash Forward Sayid option? I would **** him in one of his 'flash forward fancy suits' in under a minute.

nowpicnic said...

Flash Forward Sayid! I love how, in the future, Sayid is James Bond. On the island, he's been more of a Sherlock Holmes, lately.

Jerf said...

I thought that, when we were talking about this, that this question was meant for guys only? Or for girls imagining that they were guys faced with this choice?

Definitely makes it more interesting, methinks.