Tuesday, March 04, 2008

While The Food Network's In Firing Mode



Please Please Please.



Alex said...

Man, I'd be with you if it wasn't for that first link.

Now I'm against you.

Jeff said...

Yeah, I had a feeling that first recipe would be a sticking point with you. :)

I actually saw that recipe first, and almost just linked to that one alone for you, without the whole firing/killing thing.

But here's my issue, to get needlessly soapbox-y for one second: it's one thing to eat a donut burger (I actually prefer the other spelling, but when you stick a burger in it, it becomes a donut). It's an entirely different thing to pass ridiculous food experiments/challenges off as recipes that people all across the country should try at home as parts of their daily menu. It actually really infuriates me that the Food Network endorses Paula Deen shoveling awful fucking garbage down the throats of her ever-growing fanbase. I like that a lot of Food Network's programming is geared to demystify cooking for the fearful, and that they're lots of down-to-earth "cooks" that "aren't chefs," but that doesn't mean this ridiculously popular personality should be telling her followers to start deep-frying butter balls. Come on already.

Alex said...

I stopped reading your response after "it's one thing to eat a donut burger."