Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fear of Pickles

Problems with this video:

1) It is old.
2) It is mean.

But I think you should watch it anyway.


Jago said...

If I wrote this segment, Maury would have given Mariah a pickle instead of her shoe.

"Gee, thanks for picking up my shoe Maury, I ne-AAAAUUUUGGH!"

Jordi said...

Why did they have to chase her with a whole tray?! mean bastards! All I could see (as someone with an extreme phobia of snakes) was a tray piled high with snakes.

They should have brought out one small cocktail pickle or a single slice (equivalent of a tiny garter snake).

I hate talk shows that do this!

I didn't think it was funny until I thought I heard Maury mention custard. I can see being scared of pickles..but CUSTARD? Now THAT'S funny.