Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wall-E vs. Wanted

This weekend, I saw two movies that begin with a "Wa". But boy, were they DIFFERENT movies!!!

How were they different, you may ask? WELL:

1) Wall-E might be the most lovingly made, heartbreakingly lovely movie about love I've ever seen.
2) Wanted might just be the most hateful movie I've ever seen.

I will admit, my perceptions of Wanted may have been tainted by the fact that I saw it after Wall-E and that the dichotomy of love vs. hate makes for a more interesting blog post (hopefully). But man, Wanted made it a POINT to show how miserable and pathetic the miserable/pathetic characters were. Not to mention the audience.

SPOILER ALERT (for Wanted, not Wall-E):

The last line is James McAvoy looking at the camera and asking, angrily, "(I did this cool thing that you're watching now), so what the fuck did you do today?" I saw your movie! Stop yelling at me! I am positive that even supercool assassins watch movies too.

Anyway, railing against Wanted is less embarrassing than gushing about how Wall-E might be my favorite movie ever, so I'll stop there.