Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This Joke Is Too Complicated

I hear Rhianna's next single is called 'Even Stevens.'

I've been wanting to use that joke for months at this point, but there's far too much background necessary to it to be funny. So I'll explain it:

1) Rihanna and Shia Laboeuf dated for a while (and are possibly still dating?)

2) Shia Laboeuf did a movie called Disturbia.

3) Rihanna released a single called Disturbia.

4) Shia Laboeuf became "famous" by appearing on the Disney Channel show 'Even Stevens.'

So the implication is that Rihanna is mining the back catalog of Shia Laboeuf film and TV appearances for song titles. See, isn't that super funny?


Murchie said...

Actually "AND THUS YOU CAN SEE HOW MY JOKE WAS FUNNY." is a pretty decent joke itself.