Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Lake


This past Saturday, Stefan and Biz got married. It was beautiful, everyone cried.

The precise spot where they got married was an idyllic location, a little grassy spot next to a lovely lake... no, more surrounded by the lake. I'm scouring my friends' Facebook pix for a good shot of the bride and groom and water, but this shot of the groomsmen was as good as I could get:

Stefan wanted a Reservoir Dogs thang. Mission Accomplished.

(Side note: remember that tiny shot of me looking cool.)

Much, much later that evening, everyone thought it would be a good idea to have a nice little campfire kinda thang right around the spot where Biz and Stefan tied the knot. And they were right! It was a great idea. We told ghost stories (ghost screenplays, more precisely), we shoved cheese in Alex's mouth. Real fun.

Now I'm not going to lie to you, folks. There was a little drinking. It was pretty mellow and nice, but I'd say everyone was having a good time. Including yours truly. At some point in the proceedings, I decided that it was time to relieve myself.

I wish there was a little bit more of a lead-up to this, but there just isn't. I started walking into the woods away from the campfire, but there were no woods. Literally two steps later, I was up to my neck in water. I immediately pulled myself out, shouted "Are you KIDDING me?", and lay down in my original spot, next to the campfire. I guess I was hoping that no one would notice.

No such luck. I've never seen a group of people laugh harder in my life. I didn't fall into the lake. I literally walked into the lake, upright.

The aftermath was that it was basically the only thing anyone could talk about for the rest of the night. When a new group of people came to the fire, we tried to see how long we could go without mentioning it. No one said anything at all. There was nothing to say. There was nothing to talk about other than the fact that I fell in the lake. So I told them. Because what are you going to do? The next morning was better. I think each greeting started with a reference (Lady in the Water, Lady of the Lake), but we started to get over it.

For some reason, I was charged with telling each new person what had happened most of the time, as is the case here. I personally think it's much better to hear from the witnesses. So please, folks. Comment away.


marni said...

i believe that you shouted "are you kidding me?" FROM the lake, which is much funnier.
let us also not forget how much time we had spent beforehand warning people not to tip their chairs back too far, for fear that they might...
meh. nevermind.

Kevin said...

As an eyewitness, let me just say that this event was one of the greatest things I have ever witnessed.
And I've witnessed over 12,000 things.

The way I remember it, this occurred right after the campsite had been circled by a totally spookyrad night train.

For those who weren't there, the site was awesomely surrounded by a train track around which a ghostly cool olde tyme train would wind every few hours. We were a bunch of dorks around that fire - telling bad jokes all night - but the train had just quieted us. We had all settled down and let the magic of the night soak in...


That's right! I'm still laughing!
It's only been 3 days!

I love you Geoff.
Thank you for what you have given me.

kathy said...

I can confirm that Geoff shouted "are you KIDDING me?!" while he was in the water.

It was a relief, but it let me know he was still alive.

Also - fastest out-of-lake, in-lake, out-of-lake transition I have ever seen.


kathy said...

That's supposed to say "it was a relief BECAUSE it let me know he was still alive."

Sorry - I must have been laughing too hard. :)

spoons! said...

It was also the fastest in-and-out lake transition that I have ever witnessed as the spouse of a groomsman.

In fact, it seemed like he was in the water EXACTLY long enough to utter "are you kidding me?" As if Geoff suddenly felt like SOMEONE should yell that phrase whilst submerged and that he was the man to do it. He was out of that lake so quickly that I can only conclude that the entire act was a premeditated effort to distract us from the ghost train.

Baz said...

am i the only one that thought he said "Are you SERIOUS?!"

that's my only qualm with the story thusfar. though i'd like to add a couple of things:

• geoff stood by the fire to dry off/warm up for a while afterwards, and his pants steamed.

• biz and stefan had left already, and if they tell anyone they were there when it happened, you can call bullshit.

funny, kevin, i actually can't remember what happened before or after "The Lake". may as well have been the only thing that happened. all weekend.

Ted said...

At one point during the weekend I really had a hankering for some ice cream, which is really unusual because I'm usually more a salt guy than a sweets guy. But we didn't have any ice cream and it was 12:30 at night and the baby had finally gone to sleep. But I REALLY wanted ice cream. So I packed the baby into her carseat, put on some pants and drove to McDonalds, where I bought a M&M McFlurry. Large. Then I drove home and I ate it. Then I played The Force Unleashed until 5:30am.

My point is, you weren't the only ones to have fun this past weekend.


Alex said...

I remember the next thing Geoff said, while he was still in the lake was, "Thank god Ted isn't here. Ted is BORING."

True story.

also the spouse of a groomsman said...

sorry, gotta call bullshit on alex here.

Jordi said...

I went up to the house early from the lakefire where I was sharing a room with My Best Roommates at Weddingcamp; Geoff and Kevin. I was catching an hour of sleep before having to get up and go to the airport at around 4AM (thanks for the ride, Kevin!) when Geoff came into the room and said: "I wanted you to hear it from me first...I walked into the lake".

I think that I actually shot bolt upright in my bed and said: "Are you kidding me?!"

Then I said: "That's okay". And then laughed for six months straight.

DG said...

My favorite part was when, for the next hour, Geoff would intermittently get up and stand really close to the fire to dry himself and then his clothes would start steaming.

Nope. That's wrong. My favorite part was when Geoff walked into the lake.