Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Blast From The Past

I'm sure you'll all remember this blogpost of February 25th, 2005, wherein I lamented the loss of Metroid Prime: Echoes. It features what is probably some of my best writing and is a prime (pardon the pun!) example of what I refer to as my "late-mid video game phase." Really, just excellent stuff.

Now of course, here I am in September 2007, in my "mid-late video game phase," playing the next installment of Metroid Prime, entitled "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption." And it's really just not that different. The style is still the same, the game is still great, and the only real difference is that you push and pull the Wii-mote closer to the screen to open certain types of doors. Which some may refer to as "lame" but I refer to as "awesome."

In other worsd, Geoff from the past needn't have worried! He's such a simpleton.

Geoff from the future though? Whoa. I hate that guy.


Stefan said...

Interesting; I reserve my hate for my mortal enemy, that unthinking douchebag me-from-the-past, whereas I consider me-in-the-future an uptight jerk who needs his keys hidden once in a while.

S "Not that one, a different Stefan" D